March 21, 2015
Behind the Breaks – Dane Grady

Dane Grady was born and bred on one of the outermost islands in the Hawaiian chain. He was immersed in a surf culture dream life that was filled with unimaginable beauty and adventure. When Dane was 3 years old he was diagnosed with third cranial nerve damage that left him without the use of his right eye. Social life was very hard as a youngster and he sought out creative ways to express himself. Thankfully for us he was inspired by the photography of the late Jon Mozo and thus began his quest to inspire others through his work with his camera. In 2014 Dane won the “People’s Choice” award at the prestigious Follow the Light Foundation competition and has begun his full time pursuit of capturing moments that we will all certainly continue to enjoy for years to come. We couldn’t be more stoked to offer this amazing selection of his work here.





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